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I'm Nick Trueman. A Digital Marketing Consultant based in London, who works with Brands in the UK, Europe & US. Working with experience in working with over 400 brands to date, I stand on a wealth of experience to commercially thrive in the Digital Marketplace.

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A Bit About My Life


Spec is my main focus; an expert digital consultancy serving a number of brands


I speak all over the world to various audiences, from influencers to businesses


More and more businesses require expert training to help their business commercially thrive digitally


I've spoken at events all over the world, from The Carribbean to Europe.
Audiences include bloggers, businesses and agencies.

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Starting out in 2007 as a Junior Advertising and Marketing specialist, I have become one of the industry leaders in my field. I currently work with a small selection of brands to help them highlight their goals, reach their targets, planning for further success.

To date, I have been a board member at 4 marketing agencies, sold my own business in 2013 and contracted for over 250 brands. My experience ranges from local SME’s to well known global retailers on the high street.

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Organic Search

I have over 9 years experience in Search Engine Marketing

Performance PPC

Set your CPA and budget - We’ll only charge you on results

Data Analysis

With just a Google Analytics login, learn how your business is really performing


In 2016, Brands began bringing services back in house. Therefore, training has never been so important

Organic Search

At the core of most businesses is SEO: Search Engine Optimisation. This is one of the few forms of marketing that delivers a consistent and media-budget FREE traffic stream to a website. Improving this is a process of educating Search Engines, such as, that your website and business is a step above the rest.

Performance PPC

Very often, PPC managers get boxed in by time commitments and capped budgets. In recent years, I have come to notice that running PPC campaigns like affiliate ones is extremely beneficial. You set what a conversion (sale or lead) is worth to you, and how many you want, which determines your budget. Once the stage is set, I work towards those targets as quickly as possible.

Data Analysis

Google Analytics is the key to most online marketing campaigns, yet it is one of the most over-looked tools there is. Understanding the data and drawing both accurate & justified conclusions is an art in itself, but one that drives success.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” John Wanamaker


A known trend is that brands are bringing resources in-house. Therefore, there has never been a better time to provide training to internal teams. I provide hands-on training that is created for your businesses. This includes: Web Developers, Marketing Managers, Social & Content Teams, Sales Representatives, & Many Others

Who I Work With

Retail Brands

I work with: Shopify, Magento, Venda, Hyrbis and Demandware

Lead Generation

Service-based or long-lead-time businesses bring me in to drive online lead gen


Recently, I have started training bloggers on SEO and pitching to brands


Book a free coffee in London or Surrey, and see how I can help you reach your goals.
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